MyLife: A meditation on Knxwledge (and scattered thoughts)

Think of the statement “Get a Life. What this statement usually implies is that your life is being wasted. There is an absence. You need to stop doing things that aren’t worth doing. What if I don’t want ‘a life’? After all, I’m already living. What is the difference between ‘a life’ and the already-lived?

Get a life. We can reasonable assume this is a call to something that I don’t already have. ‘A life’ is something I need. What is ‘a life’? In this context it is a call towards transcendence. It is something that I don’t already have, it is something that I need. It is something that the already-lived must achieve. 

The Good Life

Life is Good.  Mash’Allah all the time. Life is good now , and God willing this carry into the future. Concern for the future can be the result of the goodness of the Now. It can also be the result of thinking the instability of the Now. What do you do when you can’t face the instability of the Now? You pray for the future.

“Life is Good. Mash’Allah all the time”

Life is Good. I don’t need to ‘Get a life’. But this ‘Good life’ can be bad. Or at least not-Good. It needs insurance. “Mash’Allah all the time“. In this case, the already-lived is lived in relation to the hope for its endurance. Rather than Life being Good all the time, can it be good without time? Without movement from the Now into forever? Or without movement from the Now to the not-Now?

Coherence and the threat of decomposition

“The future is inherently ambiguous. It is able to contort the Now. It is a misuse of possibility itself. It presents the non-love of a friend as a possibility, and tries to insert it into the Now. Basically, futurity wields potentiality like a sword, and transplants it to the now like a sliver” – Adam Smith (A.J Smith)

Adam Nicely captures the way the future calls the Now into question. There is something satanic about futurity. It is an accuser. ‘Life is Good’; “Well it could be bad!”. ‘I love you’, “Well, you could not love me!”. the loves and joys of the Now must be insured. If they are coherent.

The senselessness of MyLife

What happens when the already-lived is senseless? What happens when it is incoherent? If it is senseless it exceeds the given categories in which life (or lives) are organized. The senseless is the site of non-value, improper being (Modalities of existence that do not probably correspond to eminent being..Yeah I Know,I’m working on it! I want to use Esposito’s idea of the impolitical as a critique of analogy). The already-lived cannot be Good all the time, because ‘Good’ cannot be abstracted from it. It cannot be ‘a life’ (in the sense outlined), because there is no one life to be lived. The already-lived is ‘MyLife’. MyLife is not ‘a life’ because there can be no division between the already-lived and some kind of ‘already-lived-to-come’. ‘A life’ is a life to come. I have to get it. MyLife is already-lived. I am my Life, and therefore I cannot be divided from life.  I can’t have ‘a life’, because there is no life other than MyLife. Life cannot be achieved. Life is not credit. MyLife has no insurance

What is the connection between MyLife and disinvestment from futurity? What does it mean to live an already-lived Life without concern for the future or the elongation of the Now?

The Now must be defended. (The Good) Life must be preserved. ‘A life’ must be achieved. MyLife is already-lived without concern for time or movement.

MyLife. ‘My’ cannot be divided from ‘life’. I do not have a life, I am a life. I am not prior to life, and life is not prior to me; The simultaneity must be thought, and thought as One thought. It must be thought as the One, without division, without futurity. MyLife: it is instability, it is Good(among other things), it is now.


*Note: on the official LP tracklist the words ‘My’ and ‘Life’ are together. The proper spelling of the song is ‘MyLife’.*

MyLife. As senseless, and perhaps incoherent, it is the singing of words without them being lyrics. The song isn’t going anywhere. The voices overlap. “MyLife”, is stated within the other sounds. It is singular, but finds its meaning in the common. In the music. There is no room for preservation and no room for accusation.

The song is good. Life is good. Life can be not-good. You love me (or us), You could not love me (or us). Here we have instability. We can be close or not-close, healthy or not-healthy (you get the point). But this instability is instability without accusation. Instability that cannot put the already-lived (MyLife) to Work.


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