Caption Contest: Karl Barth

I just came upon this picture of Karl Barth shooting an American civil war rifle. That is all I know about the picture. Now, instead of asking you, dear readers, for information on the context of the photo, wouldn’t it be more fun to think of clever captions for it instead? Aaaand go!
Karl Barth shooting rifle


12 comments on “Caption Contest: Karl Barth

  1. Ben Myers says:

    The crowd was assembled on the lawn to hear the lecture, and everything was going well until a young woman at the back raised her hand and asked an impertinent question about the analogia entis.

  2. Too late, that Mann’s made a Bult for it

  3. Kim Fabricius says:

    Having just been informed that at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, General John Sedgwick had smirked, unwisely, “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance,” Barth grabbed a rifle, took aim, and thinking “Take that Rudolf!”, fired.

  4. Read Cowern says:

    I’ve shown how Scripture says “God is sovereign”, but please stay zeyer eef you zink oddervise…

  5. Sorry Karl, this range is for shooting reindeer not Rudolfs (thanks to Kim for the inspiration!)

  6. Karl Barth takes arms against das Nichtige . . .

  7. Paul.G says:

    A young man , saw Barth and shouted ” Mozart is overrated!”….and now it might cost him his life.

  8. Kampen says:

    Here’s one I got on the Facebook: “Verdamt noch mal! Tillich! Bleibt mal still!” (Damn you, Tillich! stay still!)

  9. John Smith says:

    To live life in Jesus Christ, one must be a straight shooter.

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