Miroslav Volf’s theo-statuses

I’ve been following Miroslav Volf on Facebook for the past couple of months and I’m consistently surprised at the amount of people who “like” some of his (pretty much daily) status updates. I have to say, I’m somewhat bewildered as to why, and I’m not really sure what the purpose of his theo-status updates are. Here are several recently popular ones:

“Overheard: When speaking about others in their absence, say only what will make them look better in the eyes of those who hear you.” 256 likes

“On the cross, God doesn’t treat sin as if it were not sin; God doesn’t merely disregarding it, but condemns it and bears the burden of it.” 148 likes

“If you can buy or sell it, it’s not the water of life. “To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life without payment.”” 154 likes

“Our fear magnifies the power of terror; to combat terror and its effects we need courage more than we need guns.” 210 likes

“We love Jesus, but we in fact keep him at bay. We don’t want to come too close because he demands almost as much as he gives.” 225 likes

“To love God is to love what God loves; to love what God loves (and love it the way God loves) is to love God.” 171 likes

“We disrespect our faith & diminish its power in trying to convert others. Better to bear witness to Christ who draws people to himself.” 318 likes

“We act as if our anger, even anger at injustice, can bring peace to the world—an example of the self-defeating politics of impure hearts.” 215 likes

“One died—all died; One was raised—all were raised with him. God separates sin from the sinner through humanity’s dying with rising with Christ.” 182 likes


3 comments on “Miroslav Volf’s theo-statuses

  1. People want to get some attention from people who get some attention.

    • Kampen says:

      But they don’t. People leave comments upon comments none of which he replies to. Shocking, I know. I think people just want to share their theological opinions about pretty much everything with the world. We should make an online forum where people can just spew their theological one-liners and insightful daily opinions. That way we could consolidate them and keep them from usurping comment sections on good articles, news reports, and blog posts.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I recently shared this article on Facebook (and even got a few “likes”!). It provides some insight about FB status updates from a somewhat different angle: http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/a-history-of-like/

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