New Book! Imagining the Ethics of Diaspora

Theory Printers has kindly published my honours thesis.


From the preface (by David Driedger who bl0gs over at the de-scribe):

“Melanie Kampen’s book is an exploration on the possibilities of peace and conflict.  Using the images of exile and diaspora Kampen is clear that this sort of exploration cannot happen abstractly, with a view ‘from nowhere’. Both conflict and theory are situated in particular places and discourses.  ….Her three main conversation partners are writers who have caused no little interference within their own disciplines – but more than that, these writers also represent separate disciplines which are still often patrolled so as to keep from interfering with each other. And despite or, perhaps better, through their interferences these thinkers approach the question of peace and conflict. In the area of theology John Howard Yoder has attempted to interfere with the dominant paradigm of what he calls constantinian Christianity. In the area of sociology John Paul Lederach has interfered with dominant paradigm of analytic conflict resolution. And finally in the area of philosophy Jacques Derrida has interfered with the logocentric bias of traditional Western thinkers. Imagining wagers on the possibility that giving attention and even multiplying these interferences may be the way to yield new ways of imagining peace.”

A print edition is forthcoming soon. In the meantime, you can download it here.



One comment on “New Book! Imagining the Ethics of Diaspora

  1. Michael Snow says:


    Many would be surprised with Charles Spurgeon’s teaching on this.

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