Poetry for Resistance and Revolution

A friend of mine, Musab Iqbal, has generously allowed me share a recent poem of his here. He will also be joining ortusmemoria as an author. So this is just a preview of some of the ideas he as to offer this thought community.


A Traveler’s Dream

I want to travel
I want to travel without a passport
Without the papers being stamped
Without luggage, without tickets
I want the bond of strangeness
…To travel with me, travel till the end.

I want to bring
The dreams of all Dervesh to be true
I don’t want them to be crucified by cruel wires
I don’t want them to be stranded at Athens airport
I don’t want them to be quizzed by check posts.
I don’t want the colors of a passport to bear justice

I want to travel
With my wings of hope
Covering the bloody sky of tyranny
Which holds fractured stars and a dead moon.
And my head high high in the air
Where there is no line except of infinity


Musab Iqbal,  is a journalist, editor of a news wesbsite, and a political writer located in Bangalore, India. He has obtained an engineering degree in computer science, but his main interests lie in philosophy, sociology, and politics, with a focus on the language of resistance and revolution. Iqbal composes poetry both in English and Urdu.


One comment on “Poetry for Resistance and Revolution

  1. Asa says:

    What does obtained mean?

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