Theology FAIL: Yoder’s mirage

What happens when (some) theologians attempt to use clever similes in their writing?

“The relevance of a transcendental hope may be that of a mirage. If we are speaking of a mirage and not of a hallucination, then what the voyagers see is real. It is not on the immediate horizon where they voyagers see it, but it is truly there. It has that shape and is really off in that direction. They will not be able to reach that goal as soon as it seems that they ought to, but what they see is of the same shape and quality as the reality of their destiny, and it lies in the same direction.”
John Howard Yoder, The Royal Priesthood (Scottdale: Herald Press, 1998), 206.

What?!  No. A mirage is by definition the perception of something that is not real; the oasis in the desert is never reached because it is truly not there.


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