Charles Taylor @ UofW – Rescheduled

RESCHEDULED! Charles Taylor at the University of Winnipeg.

This event is open to the public and admission is free. It will take place in Theatre A – room 4M31 at the U of W.

Dr. Taylor was scheduled to appear at the U of W on Oct. 28, but had to cancel due to illness. The lecture has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 23 – 7:30-9:00pm.

Dr. Taylor will give a lecture titled “Solidarity and Diversity in a Secular Age: Managing Belief and Unbelief in the Public Square.”

Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Philosophy at McGill University, globally renowned philosopher Charles Taylor was the co-chair of the Taylor-Bouchard Commission on Reasonable Accommodation in Quebec.

Dr. Taylor was the recipient of the 2008 Kyoto Prize in arts and philosophy and the 2007 Templeton Prize for progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities, which included a cash award of US$1.5 million.

Highly respected sociologist of religion Robert Bellah called Dr. Taylor’s 2007 book, A Secular Age, “one of the most important books to be written in my lifetime.”

“The change I want to define and trace is one which takes us from a society in which it was virtually impossible not to believe in God, to one in which faith, even for the staunchest believer, is one human possibility among others,” Dr. Taylor writes in the book.

The event is sponsored by:

The Knowles-Woodsworth Centre for Theology and Public Policy
The Mouseland Press Speaker Series
The Uniter
The University of Winnipeg Department of Politics


3 comments on “Charles Taylor @ UofW – Rescheduled

  1. Aaron says:

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. J says:

    Any idea when this will be rescheduled? Thanks!

  3. Kampen says:

    Unfortunately I don’t. This was already the second try but I’ll post if I find out.

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