To remember is to work for peace

On Remembrance Day this year I have the Israel/Palestine conflict on my heart. The following pictures were taken in May 2010 during my pilgrimage/study tour to the Holy Land.

The Wailing Wall

The Dome of the Rock

The “undulations of the snake” and Panopticon
(Deleuze & Foucault ref.)

The “security” wall from the West Bank side in Bethlehem

Olive wood nativity set with “security” wall

Israeli soldiers/security asking for ID and questioning Palestinians
for no apparent reason in the old city of Jerusalem.

Peace mural at Mar Elias (Elias Chacour – author of Blood Brothers) school in Ibillin

Famous mural in Bethlehem

Mennonite Central Committee’s alternative to the poppy


Vicit agnus noster, eum sequamur
Our Lamb has conquered; him let us follow


One comment on “To remember is to work for peace

  1. Jon Coutts says:

    thanks for this. i’d never seen that dove mural before. if we had an MCC here I’d put on one of those buttons.

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