Conference: Freud After Derrida

Mosaic, the University of Manitoba’s “journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature” is hosting an exciting conference this weekend! It’s unfortunate that I was only made aware of it the other day, otherwise many of you might have had the opportunity to attend!  In any case, the conference seeks to engage Freud’s work as it continues to inform and provoke research and discussion across the disciplines (e.g., architecture, film, history, literature, philosophy, religion, science), and particularly, as it opens through and “after Derrida.” Topics to be considered include: psychoanalysis and the literary text, temporality, space, technics, responsibility, animality, embodiment, memory, dream, writing, the uncanny, life, death, desire, repetition, law, sovereignty, sexuality, silence, mourning, testimony, the unconscious, repression, identity, family. A detailed program and other information can be found here.


6 comments on “Conference: Freud After Derrida

  1. jonathan says:

    My Derrida prof from UA is going to be there presenting a paper. On what, I’m not sure. Do you know of anyone who is attending? I’d love to hear how it goes.

  2. Kampen says:

    Jesse works for Mosaic so he’ll be there all weekend. Otherwise I don’t know. Maybe I can convince him to write a review post here.

  3. Hmmm that sucks. Douglas Coupland will be speaking at the UofW in a week for a Mcluhan conference if you are interested.

  4. Kampen says:

    Interesting. Do you have more info on that?
    Apparently Charles Taylor is speaking in Wpg soon too.
    Belden Lane is speaking at CMU’s J.J.Thiessen Lectures in a couple weeks and for our Winter Lectures we have Romand Coles coming in, which I’m rather excited about!

  5. You can check this out.
    I can probably only go to one of the Thiessen lectures but Romand Coles in winter sounds great.

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