Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP)

I’m spending this week at Canadian Mennonite University‘s Canadian School of Peacebuilding taking a one week intensive class in the ever engaging wisdom offered by Harry Huebner. “Mennonite Approaches to Peace and Justice” is the name of the class. I’m taking it not because I think I am lacking in this, but because of all the Mennonite peace theologians past and present, I cannot suppose I am justified in articulating a Mennonite perspective on a broad range of questions around peace and justice having read only John Howard Yoder and John Paul Lederach (as important as I think they are). So, as I broaden my horizon (but so far not all that much, as I’ve noticed that almost all the Menno theologians I’ve further explored so far quote Yoder…) I hope to relay and reflect on some of the conversations that come up regarding thought and practices around issues of peace and justice within an Anabaptist heritage.


2 comments on “Canadian School of Peacebuilding (CSOP)

  1. myles says:

    Would be interested in the syllabus if you don’t mind. Sounds great.

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