Theology Fail: Guns in Churches

From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

BATON ROUGE — The [Louisiana] Senate revived legislation Tuesday that would allow congregants to carry concealed weapons on church property as part of a security force.

Thank goodness actual church leaders in Louisiana think this is a terrible idea, and the law won’t force churches to tolerate firearms on their property. Still, laws don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Somebody, somewhere, must have lobbied state legislators to put this bill on the order paper. And in a state in which 90% of the population professes Christianity and only 2% belong to other faiths, odds are it was Christians doing this lobbying.

When Christians are claiming the right to defend their own explicitly Christian communities with lethal force, in direct contravention of the explicit instructions of Jesus, we have a massive cultural problem.


3 comments on “Theology Fail: Guns in Churches

  1. Pensans says:

    Hey grumpy … Jesus did not “explicitly” prohibit security forces from carrying concealed weapons.

    He did have something to say about the self righteous.

    • Theophilus says:

      Um, pretty sure “do not resist an evil person”, “turn the other cheek,” “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword,” are pretty explicit. Jesus commanded his followers to renounce violence against other people, even in cases where the world would judge it justified, and then lived out his own teaching by submitting to an outrageous trial, torture and death on the cross. Suggesting that these commands don’t cover carrying concealed weapons is pure spin and a risible attempt to dodge the (demanding!) requirements of Jesus.

      And if merely stating what one believes qualifies as being “self-righteous,” then Jesus was the biggest hypocrite of them all. Unless you have some further criteria than that (and I’d happily hear you explain it if you do), your use of that label is an utterly meaningless slur.

  2. Kampen says:

    Indeed, the Good needs no defense.

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