Theology Fail: Missionary Conquest!

Looking for some Christian excitement for the whole family? Have you ever wanted to test out your mission skills without actually risking your life? Have you ever wanted to travel the world and do some good while your at it? Well fret no more, Missionary Conquest is a safe and fun game for the whole family brought to you by Christian Books:

“Conquer the world—for Christ! This challenging board game tests not only your navigational skills as you travel around the world on mission trips, but also your ability to finance these expeditions by making wise investments. ”Temptation” and ”Blessing” squares add to the fun and keep the action going. Everyone can play because no Bible knowledge is required!”

Order your Missionary Conquest board game from and bring some safe Christian fun into your home today!


3 comments on “Theology Fail: Missionary Conquest!

  1. Brilliant. A true advance for the kingdom!

  2. adhunt says:

    “no Bible knowledge required!”

  3. Kampen says:

    Indeed, but when I played this magnificent game last night one of the “temptation” cards said that I hadn’t read my Bible for a month so I lost 50 blessing points!

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